Deimos All-Inclusive Family Resort

The low, low gravity of Mars's moon, Deimos, makes for family-friendly thrills galore. Take advantage of your lightweight state with gravity-defying athletic feats. Then, sleep securely in a specially-engineered HoverRest pod and enjoy the hassle-free NutriTube meal facilities. (Don't miss the Cupcake in a Cup!)


Mars History Tour

You've read the news, now see the sites for yourself. Tour the landing sites of the most famous Mars missions—the Vikings, Pathfinder, Rovers, and Phoenix. Some tours even include an expedition to see the Beagle crash site.


Space Archeology

Visit the Syria Planum Dig Site, learning more about Mars with Doctor Bester and the Interplanetary Expeditions Team as they explore beneath the surface to learn more about Mars. You can even join in the dig yourself!


Why Visit Mars?

The final frontier? Not anymore! It’s now cheaper to have a holiday on Mars than to visit Blackpool. Capitalize on the Red Planet’s longer days, touring the universe’s grandest of grand canyons, and experimenting with the best low-gravity sports.

About Mars

From extraterrestrial fantasies to colonisation epics, the fourth planet from the sun has fired our imagination for generations. Numerous scientific expeditions, including the rediscovery of water by the Phoenix Lander, have shown its similarities to Earth. Meanwhile, tantalising mysteries—are the clouds of methane over Mars' North Pole a sign of life?—still elude us.

Otherworldly Activities On Mars

The Red Planet is now open for visitors!

Explore this once-inaccessible frontier—and its wealth of intriguing adventures. The low gravity on Mars and its moons has created an entirely new category of sports, while the landscape of the planet offers opportunities for outdoor escapes. Check out the activities below to round out your Mars holiday.

Things to Do on Mars

  • Party a bit harder—or relax a little longer. A Martian day is a full 37 minutes longer than an Earth day.
  • With just 40% of the gravity of Earth, Mars is an athlete's dream. Slam dunk Martian-style on the low-gravity basketball courts.
  • You've heard the watery news, now see what all the fuss is about in the Martian wading pools. The clean and newly-warmed water invites oodles of family fun.
  • Experience the highest highs and lowest lows. Mars hosts both the highest peaks and the deepest canyons known to man.

Life on Mars

The presence of life on Mars is completely unverified by any and all Martian and/or terrestrial research teams. All Martian vehicles and accommodation comply with the strictest bio-isolation guidelines for your safety and convenience.

Martian Weather

On Mars, summer lasts twice as long, and it never rains, so prepare yourself for months of relaxation. The skies are always pink and, outside of dust season, the stars are clearer and more sparkly than you've ever seen them. If you venture outside, however, be prepared for very cold temperatures (as low as -140º C) and the occasional planet-wide dust storm.

See today's weather forcast.

Hotels on Mars

Red Planet Luxury from £99

Zero-Gravity Bedding • Hovering pools • Holographic Dining • Martian Mud Massages

Treat yourself to some extra-terrestrial pampering at some of Mars' finest resorts. Soothe your savage soul in a realistic hot-water spring. Admire the spectacular crimson sunsets as you dine on the simulated meal of your choice. Then get out and experience some of the solar system's "greatest hits"—including its tallest mountain and largest canyon. Mars and its moons offer a wealth of hotel options—starting at just £99.