Olympus Palace

Perched atop the highest peak in the Milky Way, The Olympus Palace accommodates business groups large and small in a state-of-the-art center. Wow your crowd with holographic projections while enjoying elegant, catered dining. During down time, linger over cocktails on the pool deck.



      At just over half a days drive by sojourner, Ericville is the largest major city of New Amsterdam. Ericville is quite a quiet city and has no domes or spaceport. It is however regarded as a very nice place to visit and being a very peaceful place it ideal for anyone who wishes for peace and quiet.
      The hotels in Ericville are varied a well priced and all have large choices of leisure facilities. There are plenty of restaurants and cafés, some of which give good views of Mars. The best known bar on Mars is in Ericville although it is best known due to its name being infamous – The Mars Bar.


      One days drive by sojourner from New Amsterdam, Lara is a small secluded city. This however doesn't stop it from being a very popular spot. This is because Lara is one of the only few places, and nearest city to New Amsterdam where it is possible to go below the surface and see indigenous Martian life. Although there is very little to see in the water caverns, there are magnifiers and people there to help you. Lara is always worth a visit and anyone studying Astrobiology or Alien Natural History would find a Lara a useful place to visit for those in the inner Solar System who don't want to venture past the asteroid belt.

Hotels on Mars

Red Planet Luxury from £99

Zero-Gravity Bedding • Hovering pools • Holographic Dining • Martian Mud Massages

Treat yourself to some extra-terrestrial pampering at some of Mars' finest resorts. Soothe your savage soul in a realistic hot-water spring. Admire the spectacular crimson sunsets as you dine on the simulated meal of your choice. Then get out and experience some of the solar system's "greatest hits"—including its tallest mountain and largest canyon. Mars and its moons offer a wealth of hotel options—starting at just £99.