Utopia Spa & Resort

Revel in the idyllic setting of the Utopia Spa & Resort. Find peace of mind millions of miles from home with spa treatments unique to Mars, including the Martian heated rock massage and Martian-mud red facial. Tours of the nearby space shipyard are available via appointment only.


Dust Surfing

Do you only live to get radical? Experience 100% pure adrenaline when you dust surf the break of one of the largest dunes in the solar system. Johnny U's Dust Surfing experts will teach you the necessary skills to drop into a ride that will make you say "Whoah".


      Situated on the opposite side of Mars to New Amsterdam is its sister city, New Venice. New Venice like New Amsterdam was named due to canals. New Venice however is much younger than New Amsterdam is even though it was built in the era where domes we no longer used, New Venice consists entirely of domes having the largest domes on Mars.
      There are two reasons for New Venice to be made from domes. The first is that New Venice is the only city to have canals that isn't on Earth. The canals are actual canals dugs into the surface or Mars but with Mars' atmosphere being thin and prone to dust storms it is impractical to have them open to the atmosphere. Domes were built over them and large domes are needed to cover at least both side of the canal and the canal itself. The second reason is that domes being large enough to contain natural clouds became extremely popular and so domes started to make a come back and even cities that were built after the first era of cities are now having dome sections added.

      New Venice very much resembles Petit Venice in the city of Colmar in France. It is by far the prettiest city on Mars and very popular. Great lengths are being made to make sure that none of homes are being bought in New Venice are to be used entirely as holiday homes but with plenty of business opportunities easily reachable my metro from New Venice it looks that most people who by homes there will live there all year round. It is defiantly worth a visit if you're on that side of Mars and there is an express plane leaving from New Amsterdam every couple of hours.

Hotels on Mars

Red Planet Luxury from £99

Zero-Gravity Bedding • Hovering pools • Holographic Dining • Martian Mud Massages

Treat yourself to some extra-terrestrial pampering at some of Mars' finest resorts. Soothe your savage soul in a realistic hot-water spring. Admire the spectacular crimson sunsets as you dine on the simulated meal of your choice. Then get out and experience some of the solar system's "greatest hits"—including its tallest mountain and largest canyon. Mars and its moons offer a wealth of hotel options—starting at just £99.