The Colbert Hotel & Casino

The free-standing Colbert Hotel & Casino is space's first orbital hotel—and home to the universe's best cocktails. Bet on utter indulgence with eight restaurants, five hovering pools, high-stakes tables, and even a spa. Optional excursions throughout Mars make for an unforgettable holiday.


Since the colonisation of Mars, cities have been set up which began as colonies and have grown with some cities being as large as capital cities on Earth. With there being little surface water on Mars it means that even being a smaller planet than Earth there is a lot more building space and most cities are very much spaced out.

      The first Martian city strictly speaking was called 'Hypatia' but this was mainly the habitation module for the first two people who landed on Mars. Since the first manned mission to Mars was "a mission of discovery in the pursuit of wisdom" 'Hypatia' was named after one of the last people to work at the ancient Library of Alexandria. The capital of Mars is now situated close to the position of Hypatia and is the first permanent Martian city.

      Joanna Surf and Andrew Badger were the first people to land on Mars near to the end of the 21st century. They explored many of the Mars regions. Among those regions were the Vikings and site of the Pathfinder and Olympus Mons, Nix Olympica the Tharsis region, Arsia Mons, Pavonis Mons, Ascraeus Mons and Valles Marineris.
      Hypatia was situated close to Valles Marineris.

      Hypatia was sent ahead of Challenger in order to be operational when the landing took place. Is is a well known fact that both Joanna and Andrew were looking forward to picking fresh strawberries when they landed along with all the other produce that was grown. There was also the option to taste Martian 'Perrier'.

Hotels on Mars

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